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Apr 29, 2012



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Running Accomplishments:

31 Ultra Finishes

Personal Records:
100 M:  17:52*   Pony Express (2011)
100K:   11:06     Antelope Island (2010) (faster 100k on PET 100)
50 M:    7:23      Pony Express 50 (2013)
26.2:     3:00:03  Big Cottonwood Marathon (Sept 2013)
13.1:     1:27:22 St. George (Jan. 2014)
* Top 100, 100-Mile Times (2011) (#80), UltraRunning Magazine Year in Review
Race Director: Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon

Short-Term Running Goals:

Attempting the Rocky Mountain Slam:

  • Bighorn 100 (June) 
  • Hardrock 100 (July)
  • Wasatch 100 (Sept)
  • The Bear 100 (Sept)

Long-Term Running Goals:


  • Rocky Mountain Slam
  • FINISH Hardrock (wasn't pretty but got a finish)
  • Wasatch < 25 hrs.



6 Awesome Kids

Thanksgiving Point: Director of Food Services & Retail / Race Director Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon

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Brooks Cascadia 7 (1) Lifetime Miles: 571.21
Brooks Cascadia 7 (2) Lifetime Miles: 489.01
Other (Old) Lifetime Miles: 45.00
Brooks Cascadia 7 (3) Lifetime Miles: 658.26
Brooks Cascadia 7 (4) Lifetime Miles: 561.85
PureFlow 2 Lifetime Miles: 374.50
Brooks Cascadia 7 (5) Lifetime Miles: 394.01
Brooks Launch Lifetime Miles: 389.42
Brooks Pure Grit 2 Lifetime Miles: 241.21
Cascadia 8 (red) Lifetime Miles: 232.99
Cascadia 8 (Black) Lifetime Miles: 325.96
Cascadia 8 (Black II) Lifetime Miles: 339.05
Brooks Glycerin 11 Lifetime Miles: 342.90
New Balance 1400 Lifetime Miles: 175.77
Brooks Cascadia 9 Yellow & Red (1) Lifetime Miles: 421.20
Altra One2 (squared) Lifetime Miles: 6.00
Brooks Pure Flow (red) Lifetime Miles: 188.97
Lone Peak 2 (prototype-yellow) Lifetime Miles: 29.80
Brooks Cascadia (9) Black/Red Lifetime Miles: 231.10
Brooks Pure Flow 2 (red) Lifetime Miles: 78.10
Brooks Cascadia (9) Black/Red II Lifetime Miles: 342.06
Pure Grit 3 (Red) Lifetime Miles: 235.36
Total Distance
Brooks Pure Flow (red) Miles: 100.08Brooks Cascadia 9 Yellow & Red (1) Miles: 161.78Lone Peak 2 (prototype-yellow) Miles: 29.80
Total Distance

Battle Creek->Grove Creek Loop (CR Grove Creek downhill).

I'll write later about this one...big deal for me.

Brooks Pure Flow (red) Miles: 7.80
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Total Distance

Grandeur fun run double (west face, down to pipeline, up and over on some unknown trail, back to car and repeat). Great day until Francesco got sick...slow, slow, slow 2nd loop.

Brooks Cascadia 9 Yellow & Red (1) Miles: 19.20
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Total Distance

Grove Creek -> Battle Creek Loop. (Sunday Hike). The meadow is exceptional right now. Leaves starting to come out on the Aspen's giving them a kind of a neon green hue.

Brooks Pure Flow (red) Miles: 8.00
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Total Distance

Late start. 9:30 pm. Intervals (Treadmill). Usual 7 miles 6 x .5 mile repeats. Legs a bit tired from Saturday long run and climbing but got 'er done.

Brooks Pure Flow (red) Miles: 7.00
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Total Distance

quick 5 around town.

Brooks Pure Flow (red) Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

Grandeur Fun Run. Coming down with some kind of bug. Pushed harder than I should have on this one and am paying the price. 1:02 to the top (west face). 2:19 total. Need to break an hour to the top. Should be doable on a better day.

Brooks Cascadia 9 Yellow & Red (1) Miles: 9.50
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Total Distance

7 up corner canyon. Kept is really slow. Not feeling great and don't want to dig too deep. Actually enjoyed being a "jogger" tonight rather than a runner!

Brooks Cascadia 9 Yellow & Red (1) Miles: 7.00
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Total Distance

Late run. bleh. 

Brooks Pure Flow (red) Miles: 4.00
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Total Distance

Rock Canyon dropping water and supplies for Monday long run.

Brooks Cascadia 9 Yellow & Red (1) Miles: 6.50
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Total Distance

Started at Nuns Park, ran first 17ish miles of Squaw Peak 50 course. Down Spring Canyon and across BoSho trail to Rock Canyon. Up Rock Canyon and back to Nuns via SP 50 course.

Lots of snow up there. Several feet from big avalanches and debris covering the road to just snow filled road and difficult traverses. Got a little of everything. Sun, rain, snow. Perfect day (10.5 hr jaunt).

Brooks Cascadia 9 Yellow & Red (1) Miles: 40.10
Total Distance

Corner Canyon (Wasatch Trail Run Series #4)

1 mile warm up. 8.5 mile race. 1358 vert. Legs a bit tired from Monday but surprising good. Fast on the downhill and better than average day for me on the uphills.

Brooks Pure Flow (red) Miles: 9.50
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Total Distance

Late run apres work (concert, haircut). Ornery and tired. 

Brooks Pure Flow (red) Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

AM: 13.3 Early morning Corner Canyon run with Mattly. Nice run and good company. A bit tired.


PM: 6. Marking and setting course for Running with Angles 5K (Thanksgiving Point Gardens)

Brooks Pure Flow (red) Miles: 19.30
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Total Distance

Massive bonk. Failed at 20 mile run attempt. Trying for 100 miles this week and missed it by 6 (and I don't care). Too much snow on north side of north timp (timpooneke rd). Impassable with soft deep snow. Wheels came off and no amount of gu or nutrition was helping...may be having iron issues.

Brooks Pure Flow (red) Miles: 13.48
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Total Distance

Rock Canyon hike.

Brooks Cascadia 9 Yellow & Red (1) Miles: 7.20
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Total Distance

Incredible run from top of left fork hobble creek following 22 miles of squaw peak 50 course to big springs. Bozung hill and windy pass not bad, snow but not a huge amount. Surprisingly (for me) was the amount of snow of the descent from windy to big springs. very difficult navigating and trying to stay on the trail with 6 ft of snow. got lucky and using my mad radar stayed on course and got the group down. incredible day.

Brooks Cascadia 9 Yellow & Red (1) Miles: 22.30
Total Distance

Wasatch Trail Run Series Race #5 (Corner Canyon)

1.6 mile warm-up, .7 cool down, 7.7 mile race.

Great new sections of trail. Red potato, potato hill, ++. Great route. I think I came in 5th? Fast bunch again. Top guys, untouchable.

Happy to have taken the CR (Strava) on Creekside DH (6:03mm) section against some really fast dudes--Tobie Harrell and Nate Blouin. 

Brooks Pure Flow (red) Miles: 10.00
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Total Distance

AF Canyon

Was ready to hit the trails heading up to Timpooneke area and kept looking up at the hill across the parking lot thinking...I should do that. From the big bend before the parking lot took the ridge straight up to the top--very steep and overgrown. 1500 ft in 1 mile to the AF Canyon overlook. Nice run back via trail #173 (mud springs) to Pine Hollow parking lot. Beautiful meadows up to highly recommend it. 5 mile total. It would be 8 from the parking lot to the overlook and back. Wouldn't really recommend the climb to most as it really chewed my legs up.

Brooks Pure Flow (red) Miles: 5.00
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Race: Timp Trail Marathon (26.2 Miles) 04:34:34, Place in age division: 1
Total Distance

No taper or real strategy for this one just using it as a long run. Early miles and climbs difficult as usual. Fell in behind some good guys for a few miles and kept a pretty good pace once on the fire road. After a quick stop, ran solo for the remainder of the race. Held a good steady climb up the green monster and Grove Creek section. Didn't feel particulary fast, just held a nice fast hiking pace.

Really started raining at Indian Springs and through the meadow section. Soaking wet from moisture on plants down low. Once on the downhill heading into Battle Creek, passed a few runners and started to hit my stride. Pretty muddy going into the Curly Springs area--nothing like previous years but slick nonetheless.

Hammered it hard coming down in to Dry Canyon and then from the rock pile to the finish, dropping into the 6's and 7's and passing a few more guys as well as a lot of the half marathoners. On a couple of occasions I heard "oh, not YOU again." It seems I'm getting a reputation for passing runners late in a race, particularly on the downhill sections.

Huge PR for me on this one by 25 minutes. Happy with the result although I really didn't feel much faster in any given section over the previous 3x I've done this one.

Great day with a lot of friends and trail folk.

Brooks Cascadia 9 Yellow & Red (1) Miles: 26.20
Total Distance

Hike to AF Canyon overlook. Dragging.

Lone Peak 2 (prototype-yellow) Miles: 8.20
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Total Distance

Box Elder Peak.

Trai+ #44 up to stream crossing, took avalanche/stream up couloir to saddle then to peak. From peak went north down on of the westerly ridges. Deep snow, 6ft +, way finding difficult but managed to find trail and got out of there without any issues. Beautiful day up high. Love this late spring jaunt.

Lone Peak 2 (prototype-yellow) Miles: 11.80
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Total Distance

Six flat miles on the murdock canal. Craving some flat miles. I've stomped all over these mountains and haven't seen a rattle snake for two years now. Hop on the murdock canal and BAM! baby rattler crossing the trail in the first half mile.

Brooks Pure Flow (red) Miles: 6.00
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Total Distance

Corner Canyon Loop (Ann's ->Eagle Crest->Back on Ann's). Great loop around Suncrest. Thanks Craig Lloyd and Leslie Ann for the idea.

Lone Peak 2 (prototype-yellow) Miles: 9.80
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Total Distance

AF Canyon Trail #151-Bear Canyon Loop. Great 8ish mile run. How have I not known about or run these trails???

Brooks Cascadia 9 Yellow & Red (1) Miles: 7.88
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Total Distance

Box Elder Peak, White Baldy Summit, Sliver Lake. 

8,635 vert. Great day! White Baldy a bit sketchy.

Brooks Cascadia 9 Yellow & Red (1) Miles: 15.90
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Total Distance
Brooks Pure Flow (red) Miles: 100.08Brooks Cascadia 9 Yellow & Red (1) Miles: 161.78Lone Peak 2 (prototype-yellow) Miles: 29.80
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